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About us
About a Tango Feast
We do this four times a year!

Tango Feast first opened its doors ten years ago to offer a place for dancing Tango during the day and evenings, for dancers to be inspired by international teachers and DJs, to have the opportunity to learn, to live, eat and dream tango for three or four days, all at the one venue.

Our events are relaxed and friendly where all participants strive to be respectful of everybody else.

For this we have two fantastic venues with accommodation and leisure facilities at the same venue. These are both in The English Riviera, in South Devon, UK.
Fernando Guidi
Born in Patagonia, Argentina, and since 2002 living and teaching in the UK.

Fernando is at the spine of Tango Feast but he does have a team to help him (see below).

As well as the Feasts Fernando provides regular classes and monthly milongas. To find out more please visit

The team
Well there are too many to name to place here however to help with administration is Livy that together with Fernando will sort all the bookings - more information to follow