COVID 19 Guidelines
(Update on 12 of November 2021)

Important : The coming Tango Feast is in a few weeks, near the time we will revised the guidelines and we might do any changes if we think are necessary, if that is the case we will inform the participants by email as soon as that happen.

It is great that restrictions has been lifted, however it is up to each us to asses the risk we wish to take. And we hope our guidelines will help you to make an inform decision.

We want to offer space where most of people feel safe and comfortable, and it is our responsibility as organizer to decide the guidelines for the event that we think would help with that, as well as following Government guidelines.

After much thought, we have decided to add another layer to our COVID safety measures and are we are requesting that:
everyone does a Lateral Flow Test (Antigen Rapid Test) before travelling and that you bring this test result with you to show at entrance as well as your Covid Pass. In the case that you test Positive before traveling you would be entitled to a full refund.

In Summary what to show at the Entrance

At the entrance to Tango Feast, you would be ask to show the Covid pass, flow test , etc, once that sorted, then you would be able to pass to second door where we deal with Accommodation keys, payments ,etc

- If You have been Vaccinated, bring ready to display at entrance
1) your Covid Pass (paper copy or on your phone (you can save it as pdf) and
2) Negative Flow test (done before traveling) either the test itself, or if you have register to NHS , show the Text Message that NHS sent you.

- If You have not been Vaccinated. bring ready to display at entrance
Covid Pass, you can use you LFT before traveling to obtain it or the Text message you receive from NHS after you register the LFTest.

Note: in case you do not have with you what it is requested above, we reserved the right to refuse your entrance and or ask you to leave the venue

Covid Pass, please do not send it in advance. We are not keeping your personal detail, just the record that we have seen it. The Covid Pass can be printed on paper or display on your phone, either a PDF File (faster) or on NHS app. It is barcode with your name.

Covid Pass, means that all participants either will have at least one of the following., double Vaccinated, Negative Lateral flow or PCR test within 48 hrs, Natural immunity (confirmed by NHS)

Details of how to get a Covid Pass are here:

Our thought why this latest update more information, including the unlikely event that someone test positive.

We love the idea of all us returning to dance at Tango Feast, to be in a relaxed atmosphere and the best outcome would be that after the event nobody returns home with covid. However, we all know, that despite all our safety measurements, there is some risk.

By taking a LFT before traveling, it helps us to create a big “bubble”, which may enable everyone to relax a bit more, like in the old days.
I am aware that although most of people will be supportive of this, some of you may feel a bit uneasy. Perhaps try to think that you doing it for someone else to feel more comfortable. The aim is to identify any asymptomatic cases before leaving home. Below are a few questions and scenarios, that are outlined in detail on the website, about what will happen if anyone does test positive before travelling, develops symptoms or tests positive during the event at Beverly Park.

The new NHS Lateral flow test only requires a nose sample, no longer the throat.
Order here and you will receive it in 48hrs at your address.

1. What happens if you get a Positive result in a flow test "before you travel"?
You will be entitled to a full refund
We wish you a fast recovery! And you would need to follow NHS advice
Let us know as soon as possible, by email, and we will refund you the payment in full for your dance ticket, and if it also the case that you booked accommodation, and nobody else would stay in the caravan or lodge Beverley Park will refund you the accommodation payment in full. If you are one of the few who booked a room in a shared lodge/caravan we will refund your payment.

2. What happens if you develop symptoms and test Positive of Covid during Tango Feast?
We really hope it doesn’t happen, but if it does,
- You should call 119 for up to date information from the NHS.
- Inform Beverly Park and they will assist you with further steps. This is the same to any holiday let, hotel, You need to inform the provider.
- Inform Fernando (07910256510)
Currently you would need to immediately isolate, arrange a PCR test. Then, also return home to isolate, if you are able to do it safely by private transport, otherwise Beverley Park and or NHS would advice you what to do.

3. If you share accommodation with someone who tests positive.
Everyone in shared accommodation, following NHS advice, would need arrange to do a PCR test. If you are fully vaccinated you do not need to self isolate, however If you have not been vaccinated, you would need to arrange a PCR test and immediately isolate until you get your result.

4. What happens if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive at the venue where we dance.
If you have been fully vaccinated, you do not need to self-isolate, however NHS guidelines say that you need to do a test. If you have not been vaccinated, you would need to arrange PCR test and self-isolate until you get the results.

5. We will assess this case by case, and we might decide to announce to everyone that it has been a positive Covid case, without disclosing his /her name, only we would do that with the exception if the person in case decided to explicit authorise to do that, that might help other people who might has been close to them make their own arrangement.

In the scenario that someone at the event tests positive, we would also recommend everyone to take a lateral flow test out of precaution.

In conclusion, to try to avoid the consequences of testing positive at the event, this is another reason why we ask everyone to do lateral flow test before traveling.

Finally, If you disagree with this updated Covid guidelines, And not longer wish to come to Tango Feast, please let us know before Monday 1st of November. We are more than happy to cancel your booking, and if you made any payment refund the full amount, and if nobody else will stay in your accommodation, Beverly Park will refund you the payment in full.

Useful Links

Other measures

Please respect that some dancers might not feel comfortable to dance with many people.

The Venue is large and plenty space around the dance floor, we will keep ventilated during the day, opening the emergency doors,
it won’t be possible to keep them open during the evenings, this is due to noise, because the venue is situated in residential area.
However, if we think it is needed, we will do a “silent Tanda” in the middle of the evening so we open all the doors and we dance in silence for 12 min.
You would

Drinks and Snack
Bar will be open at the evenings
You are welcome to bring your own drinks, and snacks, mugs and water bottles. We will offer free of charge and self service, tea, coffee, tap water from jars,
All at Your Own Risk!

We won’t be offering our usually biscuits during the day and more sadly neither the great food spread at the end of each evening

We also we won’t be having our Sunday Pizza Party

We will put some sanitiser around, and you are welcome to bring your own.

Most of people won't be wearing mask, but feel free to do so.

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