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    DJs keep the party going

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Our DJs are important members of the Tango Feast team, they keep the party going through day and night

More to be announce soon
DJ David Prime
David Prime
David has been a popular member of Tango Feast since the beginning, A versatile DJ offering a vibrant set of traditional music. Although when DJ during the afternoon or morning, David will play traditional with a touch of not-so-traditional to influence the mood on the floor. David is in charge of alternative tango music in our neo-tango dance room so those who like an alternative also have a place to dance, creating a truly tango feast.

Richard Slade
A well known DJ in the Uk tango scene, he has been Dj for years in many milongas and festivals in UK and abroad. |We all looking forward his usual vibrant selection of music. We are very please that he is coming to Tango Feast

DJ Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers (on the right)
An experienced DJing over many years at Halo in Bristol, which he runs with his wife Maureen. He loves traditional music influenced by his taste of sweet, soft and rhythmical music with witch he can keep dancers on their feet all day long.

DJ Michael Cousins
Michael C. (on left)
Michael, a Tango dancer for many years, but also a DJ. He has a beautiful balance of sensitivity and taste when it comes to the music he plays. One of our regular DJs performing often at Tango Feast ssince Dec 2012. We are pleased that he will be playing music again for all of you.

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Hector Espinosa
He has been the Dj for a few years now at their regular milonga, Just Tango, near Swindon , and now expand to also run former Tango Journey milonga.

We are very please that he will be sharing his music selection at Tango Feast.

DJ Stania
Stania (Czech R.)
A teacher of Tango for many years teaching together with Fernando Guidi but also in her own right. She is deep into traditional tango music which she puts together in tasteful way, keeping the dancers on their feet.

DJ David Thomas
David Thomas
David is the co-organizer and Dj of Tango Journey.
David’s music has a great taste carefully selected from the 1920s to 1950s and is played in the tandas interspersed with cortinas that take you back to your pre-tango dancing days.
Daivd DJs at the Tango Journey milongas and guests as DJ elsewhere such as: Thames Valley Tango in Eton;  Juntos in Maida Vale, London; Carablanca in Holborn, London; the Tango Feast in Devon; and elsewhere.

DJ Alan Twigg
Alan Twigg (Spain)
It’s a genuine pleasure for Alan to compile tandas that move people to dance. There is so much wonderful music to choose from and so much richness and depth 'It’s amazing' - he says. He enjoys playing music from the late 20s through to the 50s, but the majority of the tracks are from between 1935 and 1945. However, nothing is fixed for he will love a particular orchestra one month and fall for another the next. In this way we all discover something new.

Fernando (Arg)
A highly accomplished teacher, DJ and tango dance event organiser since 2002, working in many festivals in the UK and abroad. In his heart he loves traditional music, but also he will continually monitor the dancers' response to his music and will inject something not so traditional as the dance mood befits.

For years the principle Dj at the Tango Feast during the evenings.

Together with David Prime he sets a good part of the flavour of a Tango Feast.

Nikkie and James (UK/UK)
They will be playing Alternative Music in the evenings in the second hall.

They have been dancing for a long time and visit many place in UK. Also they discovered that they enjoy dancing to wide range of music. And a few year ago they start to organise Tango Libre in Exeter. And evening when they play a wide range of alternative music with a touch here and then of Tango
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