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    Natasha y Haris

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Natasha and Haris
Natasha y Haris (Uruguay/Gre)

We are very excited to have Natasha and Haris returning to Tango Feast.

They have been working together for a few years now. When they come together they combine a decade of experience of teaching tango to bring you a dynamic, spicy and sensitive dance.

With refine attention on technique, their workshops focus on bringing expression and elegance to the dance.

TNatasha describes her approach to Tango as follows:
“You could say that my energy, posture and embrace belong to the milonguero style, but I work with many elements of tango salon such as the dynamics in giros and elegance with the lines of the legs. For me the thing that prevails in dance is the connection and after the technique. The technique is very important and in fact my explanations are very technical, but all this with the premise that the feelings are above the technique and not the other way around."

At the moment we live, work and travel between Europe and Buenos Aires.

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Guggi y Fernando

They meet on a dance floor about 15 years ago, while Guggi was studying at the dance academy in The Netherlands. Recently, many years later, they have meet again, somewhere, on another dance floor and it's been such a pleasure also to recognise each other immediately in the dance, but with 15 years more experience in their body!. They catch up and danced more, they shared stories about their own teaching experiences and approach.
We are really looking forward to work together again at this edition of Tango Feast


She has been dancing Tango for 20 years. It has accompanied and compliment her career as a profesional contemporary dancer.

For year she has been based in Berlin, where she taught at several Tango schools, while travelling for Tango Holidays and Festivals all over Europe. During all this years, she formed a professional partnership with Sven Elze, Gustavo Colmenarejo, Ezequiel Farfaro and also worked with various other artists in the mediums of film, music, fotography and theatre.

Her classes are based on transmitting a deep understanding of the body and its natural movements. The students learn how to relax and make things easier, so they can fully enjoy the dance and the connection with their partner.
She is also known for her technical classes in bodywork and clear understanding how leading and following can work harmoniously together.

She loves movement , with her wide training, she has become one of the most versatile dancers. She is able to dance a wide range of styles, from open embrace even with an edge of contemporary dance Tango to the most traditional, close embrace, milonguero style.

Fernando Guidi (Arg)

Fernando is a dynamic Argentinian teacher and performer of Tango. He is based in Devon, UK.

Dedicated and passionate about teaching he continuous self development his to teaching skills. Taking Tango as an improvisational dance, in his classes he encourages improvisation from an early stage.

He provides the tools to help you understand the principles that govern each and every movement. He creates exercises that enable to you to experience something first, then reflect upon it or simply to understand the mechanics. All this within a friendly and fun learning environment!

Fernando is the creator of Tango Feast and other events, and an accomplished DJ.

He has taught and performed internationally in UK, Europe, North America and Argentina.