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, for 9th year in a row
in a new record of only 3 weeks after start taking booking.

You are welcome to complete the booking form because usually there are few cancelations, and if that is the case and we are able to offer you a place we will contact you.

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Booking is closed, will open in September 2019

Booking open on Tuesday 17 of October 2023
21:00 (English Time)
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Booking open on Tuesday 17 of Oct, 2023 at 21:00 (English Time)
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Booking opens in

NEW Changes, until 15th of November we will give priority places to Learning pass and Milonguero pass.
Then, if there are still places available, we will offer place to people who book any other options.

You are welcome to select the ticket you wish, however any other dance ticket except the Miloguero or Learning Pass, will be consider after the 15th of November.

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Phone: 079 1025 6510